Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas & Family

Marry Christmas!!!! :) I just got back from the yearly Christmas eve party that my family always have at my aunt's house. So tired! been a long day of babysitting all four nephews! (It was wroth it to watch my two nephews I don't see very much though) Once again, I'm alone to write to you. I like to be alone to think and breath while I write...This is the first time in weeks that I've been happy about any sort of Christmas stuff sense every year for three years now we've done "Secret Santa" sense we have so many people in our family we pick a name and save that name throughout the year and spend about 30 dollars then if we want to do gifts for the rest of the family you have to make something for them you can't buy a gift ( Sense I have almost no craft bone in me) I hate the idea Haha. And this year we did are gifts tonight instead of Christmas morning. A little bit down about that :( I saved my stoking for the morning though :) I got my sister this year for my secret Santa she loved my gift and I LOVED her's :) Sitting here writing this in my Christmas PJs by the way. I love god and my family so so much!!!!! and how we're all crazy together!

Be safe! and love a lot!
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Monday, December 20, 2010

Random thoughts...

Music: "Pandora mix"

I thought sense my chores are done for today and I have a nice quite room to write in, I'd tell you what's in my crazy head. I'm coming down with a cold ( I think) so I might not post for a bit after this one..... I'm looking forward to watching the show "The Sing Off" with my mother tonight...I love it cause like I said in my first post I love to sing, and what the show dose is let those who love acapella style to just sing and be jugged on their voice skill alone. I got the chance to sing for my friend this past weekend I've sung in my bedroom sense I was about ten, that's when I really fell in love with music...I had the dream and still have the dream (Just not as much) of being a kinda famous local singer like a friend of mine was...Just the fact that we can show how we feel with our voices I think is the most amazing gift god could give someone. I in a way think he gave me that gift but I don't quite know how to show it as well others do...for me I want to make sure there's something for everyone in the songs I write I try to please everyone as much as I can ( If your like that  then you might know how that gets you in trouble sometimes) But I have awful nerves! The friends I've sung for though, have said I have a "Really nice voice" and "They didn't think by looking at me I would have a voice like that" Another way that I think god shows me how to use my voice is talking, not your everyday talking though most people tell me I "Talk very well" which is something my doctors didn't think I'd do much of.....and that's also why I started blogging. Is that while I talk very well with people some things I have in my head come out the wrong way when I try to say them out loud. And I've found writing really helps. I have a goal in my life to help people in someway....Simply just cause I like them.

The random thoughts are done for this post :)
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Friday, December 17, 2010

Doctors & Whaether.

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Hello again, I'll be posting whenever I feel the need to write. (I would have updated sooner but had a mix up with how to sign back in) some things that have popped up on my very long list of physical symptoms for awhile now 1. is my body will hurt with different weather changes my grandmother has this, my mother, and me (Yes, wired I know) 2. My hip will turn inward instead of out, but my grandmother's doctor and my mother's doctor have said it has something to do with the pressure in the air. For my body/weather pain though we think it might be Hydrocephalus related. I often say I could pretend I'm psychic about the weather for money. I can almost always tell you when it will rain or snow etc...(It's snowing btw) it's not really a crying type of pain, more like normal body pain with a kick....I have my trusty bottle of Tylenol close by seeing as how it's the only kind of medicine I take sense I'm allergic to any anti inflammatory medicine such as Advil, Aspirin,'s not pretty if I take those :) It's winter so obviously we're going to have a big storms now and then (Mother nature didn't disappoint) Sorry if it sounds like I'm complaining I only meant to do that a little :) but sense most of this was written the other day I wanted to keep some of what I wrote and update you on what my Dr. said, I most likely pulled a "Hip muscle" while doing vault horse back riding last summer. (Forgot to say I can do that too) :) I thought I would have arthritis in my joints but no! I'm in tip top shape :D I have to lose a few pounds though hehe... Also have to strengthen my muscles more. 

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Being Handi-capable

Music: "Pandora mix"

I've heard the term "Handicapped" my whole life it wasn't until I started PT ( Physical Therapy) with my old Physical Therapist when I was about 8 that she told me that "you're not handicapped" what she meant was I'm what my Mom and most would call "unique" in the sense that I can do much more then what my doctors thought I could....I should tell you just what disabilities I have: Cerebral Palsy, Hydrocephalus, Visual processing deficit disorder, and some reading and spelling problems as well (Thank you spell check :)) My doctors told my parents I would most likely not read, write, walk, etc....So, now let me tell you what my abilities are: I LOVE  to talk :) I have 4 nephews, two of whom I babysit almost everyday, I love music, singing, shopping, being with friends and family, dancing, etc...So as you can see I have a very full life...Also just to put in the biggest book to date I've read is seven hundred and fifty six pages long (Take that doctors!) love saying that! Well, it's getting late where I am so I must go. Hope you join me in what is sure to be some crazy blogging :)


Simple Greeting

Let me start by saying that I wanted to start blogging as a place for my online journal about my life revolving around having disabilities. I first heard the phrase "handi-capable" on one of my favorite shows, Glee. It was used to describe handicapped people, but in a good way, whereas handicapped is often used to describe someone who you think can't do anything. Hence the title name of my blog. Jess