Sunday, December 12, 2010

Being Handi-capable

Music: "Pandora mix"

I've heard the term "Handicapped" my whole life it wasn't until I started PT ( Physical Therapy) with my old Physical Therapist when I was about 8 that she told me that "you're not handicapped" what she meant was I'm what my Mom and most would call "unique" in the sense that I can do much more then what my doctors thought I could....I should tell you just what disabilities I have: Cerebral Palsy, Hydrocephalus, Visual processing deficit disorder, and some reading and spelling problems as well (Thank you spell check :)) My doctors told my parents I would most likely not read, write, walk, etc....So, now let me tell you what my abilities are: I LOVE  to talk :) I have 4 nephews, two of whom I babysit almost everyday, I love music, singing, shopping, being with friends and family, dancing, etc...So as you can see I have a very full life...Also just to put in the biggest book to date I've read is seven hundred and fifty six pages long (Take that doctors!) love saying that! Well, it's getting late where I am so I must go. Hope you join me in what is sure to be some crazy blogging :)



  1. You forgot your ability to vault :-)

  2. Nicely written, Jess. I love beat me to blogging! :)Woo Hoo!