Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas & Family

Marry Christmas!!!! :) I just got back from the yearly Christmas eve party that my family always have at my aunt's house. So tired! been a long day of babysitting all four nephews! (It was wroth it to watch my two nephews I don't see very much though) Once again, I'm alone to write to you. I like to be alone to think and breath while I write...This is the first time in weeks that I've been happy about any sort of Christmas stuff sense every year for three years now we've done "Secret Santa" sense we have so many people in our family we pick a name and save that name throughout the year and spend about 30 dollars then if we want to do gifts for the rest of the family you have to make something for them you can't buy a gift ( Sense I have almost no craft bone in me) I hate the idea Haha. And this year we did are gifts tonight instead of Christmas morning. A little bit down about that :( I saved my stoking for the morning though :) I got my sister this year for my secret Santa she loved my gift and I LOVED her's :) Sitting here writing this in my Christmas PJs by the way. I love god and my family so so much!!!!! and how we're all crazy together!

Be safe! and love a lot!
keep reading,

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