Friday, December 17, 2010

Doctors & Whaether.

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Hello again, I'll be posting whenever I feel the need to write. (I would have updated sooner but had a mix up with how to sign back in) some things that have popped up on my very long list of physical symptoms for awhile now 1. is my body will hurt with different weather changes my grandmother has this, my mother, and me (Yes, wired I know) 2. My hip will turn inward instead of out, but my grandmother's doctor and my mother's doctor have said it has something to do with the pressure in the air. For my body/weather pain though we think it might be Hydrocephalus related. I often say I could pretend I'm psychic about the weather for money. I can almost always tell you when it will rain or snow etc...(It's snowing btw) it's not really a crying type of pain, more like normal body pain with a kick....I have my trusty bottle of Tylenol close by seeing as how it's the only kind of medicine I take sense I'm allergic to any anti inflammatory medicine such as Advil, Aspirin,'s not pretty if I take those :) It's winter so obviously we're going to have a big storms now and then (Mother nature didn't disappoint) Sorry if it sounds like I'm complaining I only meant to do that a little :) but sense most of this was written the other day I wanted to keep some of what I wrote and update you on what my Dr. said, I most likely pulled a "Hip muscle" while doing vault horse back riding last summer. (Forgot to say I can do that too) :) I thought I would have arthritis in my joints but no! I'm in tip top shape :D I have to lose a few pounds though hehe... Also have to strengthen my muscles more. 

Keep reading for more updates on Being Handi-Capable.


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