Monday, December 20, 2010

Random thoughts...

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I thought sense my chores are done for today and I have a nice quite room to write in, I'd tell you what's in my crazy head. I'm coming down with a cold ( I think) so I might not post for a bit after this one..... I'm looking forward to watching the show "The Sing Off" with my mother tonight...I love it cause like I said in my first post I love to sing, and what the show dose is let those who love acapella style to just sing and be jugged on their voice skill alone. I got the chance to sing for my friend this past weekend I've sung in my bedroom sense I was about ten, that's when I really fell in love with music...I had the dream and still have the dream (Just not as much) of being a kinda famous local singer like a friend of mine was...Just the fact that we can show how we feel with our voices I think is the most amazing gift god could give someone. I in a way think he gave me that gift but I don't quite know how to show it as well others do...for me I want to make sure there's something for everyone in the songs I write I try to please everyone as much as I can ( If your like that  then you might know how that gets you in trouble sometimes) But I have awful nerves! The friends I've sung for though, have said I have a "Really nice voice" and "They didn't think by looking at me I would have a voice like that" Another way that I think god shows me how to use my voice is talking, not your everyday talking though most people tell me I "Talk very well" which is something my doctors didn't think I'd do much of.....and that's also why I started blogging. Is that while I talk very well with people some things I have in my head come out the wrong way when I try to say them out loud. And I've found writing really helps. I have a goal in my life to help people in someway....Simply just cause I like them.

The random thoughts are done for this post :)
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