Friday, January 14, 2011


Music: "Little house" By: Amanda Seyfried (From the Dear John movie soundtrack)

"My tired heart is beating slow"- Little House. This quote is how I feel most days lately....We'll just see if this turn's into a sad blog this evening or not? But something about me having some time to be alone with my thoughts and the fact that the power is out (Temporally) I'm writing you by candlelight (Very hard to do by the way!) is peaceful and sad, because I'm alone with my thoughts which almost always sends me into a sobbing mess. (Ask anyone and they'll tell you I'm the crier of the family) I try very hard not to make sad post's but I think that one or two is alright now and then I'm looking around my house at our three pets. We used to have oh, what was it like 5 or 6? at one time, my mother hated/Loved it but now we're down to just three...Lost the second dog of my life just 3 months ago and just lost one of are twin cat's Bonnie and Clyde  (Mom picked those names) just about 2 weeks ago so it's been hard lately. Why the heck I'm still crying about such little things is what makes me cry all over again. If your a girl and you do this please tell me I'm not going crazy! Having one of those moments....Okay, DONE!

Oh what lovely gibberish I write, if your reading any of my blogs thank you :)
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