Monday, January 31, 2011


Music: "Sara Bareilles" "Say your sorry"

So as you can probably guess I have a theme to this blog, what makes it so damn hard to say we're sorry or admit we're wrong? I almost always mean it when I say I'm sorry (That's just because I'm a so called "Goodie two shoes") in fact I really can't even remember when I didn't mean it? And if I didn't it was probably for something small that I later said sorry for on my own. But some of us just don't say it. Which  feels like all the time these days! I was once told by someone close to me that I "Always act like I can see the end" (That parson meant as a complement) and it is to this day one of the nicest things ever said about me. Because I always seem to think I was given a gift like that of some sort. So that's why I (Try) to always fix a fight between me and a loved one because you just never quite know when you won't get to fix things. Now, I haven't fixed everything in my life just yet, which is why I think I'm a "Fixer" for everyone else. My point to all this rambling is say your sorry so that loved one or friend can hopefully move on. Now, Conan is on so I must go swoon :)

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