Saturday, January 8, 2011

Very first pair of heels.

Music: "Fergie" "Labels or love" (Sex and the City movie soundtrack)

Hello Lovelies! Hope your doing well, I am in the mood to write today and have been inspired
by FASHION! one of my most beloved things :) You see a miracle happened the other day/a few weeks ago when I told you I had a doctors appointment about my body etc...Well, one of the things he told me was sense I'm not growing and they can't shape my feet anymore I don't have to wear my god awful AFO's ( Ankle-foot orthoses) or braces. which means, I now can wear as I like to call them "Real shoes!" because I could only ever where sneakers size 8 or 9/1/2 to fit the braces when in reality I'm a size 6 they made me feel like Bigfoot and they were an eyesore with dresses or skirts and if you have AFO's you know what it's like. So I got some Christmas money for new shoes and my mom and I were talking about getting some boots that were stylish and good for the winter and other months. Which now brings us back to the other day (You still with me?) My sister and I went on a shoe hunt and well, it didn't take very long because the very first store I went in I bought shoes. Granted, I didn't think I'd get them at first because 1. I was looking for sense able shoes. And 2. I never could where heels but my Sister pulled out a pair of high heel boots that were STUNNING! I've always thought any kind of heels were amazing because I could never were them (I know, you woman who have to wear heels for work are like, "Try wearing them for this many hours") But for girls and some guys that can't wear heels with the right outfit it's a big deal! For me, my ankles won't stay straight and my feet them selves are always up tip toe style (You would think that would fit great with heels right? nope) But my sister put them on me and helped me walk around in them and they fit! I could walk in them!!!! ahhh! I just about died! My first pair of heels! they're black ankle boots with sparkles all over so very mio! I'm still getting the hang of walking a little straighter and taller, but all in all I've found a style that works (I'm now a shoeaholic) and am thrilled to be able to whear heels with a nice dressy outfit if needed....And just thrilled about fashion again!

Well, off to do chores.
keep reading,

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