Thursday, February 17, 2011

Long time no talk

Music: "Sara Bareilles" Album: "Kaleidoscope Hart"

I have been very bad not posting/writing in almost a month! My goodness, I'm sorry! Well, truth is nothing upon nothing is new in my little life right now, or wroth telling you besides, do you really want to read about someone who's depressed?. I didn't think so. I'm working on the depression part though prayer. I was going to write how I thought my "Weather powers" were a thing of the past the other day, but a few days later they came back with quite the force. Like today everyone here in my town is loving the warm weather (Before a big storm comes) But me I'm in neck to ankle pain today. The neck pain is a new twist but a bright side/distraction is I am almost done with a book I've been reading and quite frankly very lazy with. It's called: "The Seven Rays" By: Jessica Bendinger. She wrote the movies Stick it, Bring it on, and Aquamarine (Also a book) and all of which I love. And this book might be made into a movie, it's the reason other then it sounded good I picked it up in the first place. I'll post a list of some of my favorite books for book lovers soon...Well, this was a long ramble piece....

Anyway, keep reading,