Sunday, March 20, 2011

If you miss me see me, it's that easy.

Music: "Pandora mix"

Happy first day of spring ya'll, I have pink nails in honor of spring today, my gosh, I'm sitting in my living room for this post looking out at the last little bit of sun that's going down. There were times when I thought spring would never show for us here in upstate NY. What my days have felt like lately are just crazy! Have you ever had those days where the people in your life are starting to see how messed up you've been/felt even after you've told them hundreds of times yourself? A they want to help you but end up making you feel like nothing instead? And so the story of today's title begins. My sister and I have grown closer but also apart more in the last week or so then I think we might have ever been and if your the baby of your family or are about two years apart from your sister or brother like I am then, you might know how those type of things are so hard to deal with when they happen. It's getting to be where it's just me and my mom living at home, so it's an interesting thing to look at life in my point of view. And being the big sister she is she'll see that I'm in a funk (Most of the time from she see's that when I've been in one for longer then she thinks I have) and she'll offer to go shopping or something but, not really end up being there mentally in order for us to really do something "Together" or she'll say "We can do this" and she finds something out of the blue as to why she can't anymore. So to make it up to me she'll say she "Miss's Me" (Kind of like a guy no?) and I'll say "If you miss me see me, it's that easy" ta'da! 

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