Monday, April 11, 2011

Falling into change.

Music: "3OH3 ft' Neon hitch" "Follow me down"

Well, here I am Alice (insert middle and last name here) Falling down the rabbit hole with no one to catch me and on my way I'm seeing some crazy expletive things, I guess like everyone in this not so big world. Waiting to hit the bottom. it's April 11th 9:33 (Eastern time) and I'm in shorts and a t- shirt due to the thunder storm that was said to arrive two days ago (Still not here) *Taps fingers* and it's been throwing my body for a loop ever sense. I start Horse Back Vaulting soon after taking some off in the Fall and all of Winter.  I'm happy but I know it will kick my butt! I guess it's what I need. My sister heads off to MO for about 3 months in about two weeks (Can't even go there right now) and my Dad is moving back upstate for a new job and my nephew Logan just had his first soccer practice tonight and my big brother is getting married this July goodness, how things are spinning into change again. That's kinda what I meant about feeling like Alice in Wonderland and falling down the rabbit hole. Am I ready for this?

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