Thursday, June 30, 2011

MIA But no more!

Music: Pandora mix.

Ladies and gentleman I'm back! I got the bug to write again a few days ago, but every time I tried to find my blog it wouldn't come up. (I was typing the wrong website name every time) I'm sitting in my living room with my mom while she recovers from her second shoulder sugary due to some tares in both shoulders, she's doing quite well and healing very fast which is just lovely sense we have my big brothers wedding coming up in just a few weeks. My sister is a bridesmaid and my oldest nephew is the ring bearer, while my family and I are also in photos and all that jazz.You'd think finding a dress would be an easy task right? yeah, well not so much, I probably looked online at a little over 200 some odd dresses and I'm not even the bride. Then one night my mom I had some time free where we could go out just us to shop and bicker about dresses (Not your normal let's show off everything you have ) Type bickering but my mom and I have different ideas of "Classic" Turns out we only spent about two hours total shopping and it only took two stores to find my dream dress and SHOES to match. And all under 50$ Not bad right? Well, time to rest these tired fingers! 

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