Sunday, July 31, 2011

"One plus one"

Music: "One Plus One" By: "Beyonce"

This blog is for My big brother and his wife.

Now I can be sappy but I'm not a big sucker for "True love" as they say, because I've seen love at it's worst and my mind hasn't caught up with my heart just yet. But this past Friday I was blessed to join in the celebration of the 3rd wedding in my family for my brother John and his now wife Regan. I first met Regan at a famliy BBQ at my brither Jeff's house and being the little sisters my sister were at the time, my sister and I felt so awkward! And now that I look back on it it's funny because, now I can't remember not having her in my family. She's brought out the very best in my brother who has struggled through life so much, and I've always thought of my brother next to my mother as my "Real life" hero. He took care of me (And still dose) when I needed him, He talked to me when things with my family were very hard, and yet still finds time to push me to my limit's lol. I walked outside that night after the wedding while we gathered to watch lanterns light up a warm summer night sky and thought "This is love. This is what everyone should have"

Love you John and Regan.

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Monday, July 4, 2011

'And the land of the free"

Music: "Sucker Punch The Movie Soundtrack"

Howdy ya'll, It's our country's birthday we are 145 goodness! cheesy moment time. I'm very proud to live in the U.S. I know we have much to change, but when you think about what we have changed to me it's amazing! To our troops may god keep you safe and let the ones you love hold you soon. To those who are not here with us anymore may you look down and be proud. And for all of us that are still breathing and living in the land of the free may we find a way to have peace....

.Happy 4th to you :)