Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hi there.

Music: "Everly"

Thought I'd write being that I'm sick, it's raining, and I really have no desire to do the chores I feel like I should be doing. And despite all that I'm in a peaceful mood hearing the rain in one ear and "Everly"  in the other. Haven't been in the right mind set to write anything I felt was worth talking about lately. Really don't see how this is worth much either but oh, well. The point of this is that it makes me feel better (if only it could make my head cold go away) Do you ever feel like eating junk food helps being sick? oddly I think it dose. I only want Poppy Bagels, Soda, and greasy food. and I'm not even PMSing. Again it's a rare day the the rain isn't kicking the crap out of my body so I'm watching it fall, mmmm I really do love it. It's such a funny thing to me how writing nonsense like this makes me feel better emotionally speaking, I guess I feel like I'm writing a story but then I look and see it's just what I never show on the outside....Make sense?

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