Thursday, September 29, 2011

Late night mindless bliss....

Music: "Pandora mix"

It's 11:04pm as I start to write yet another mindless blog to whomever wants to read it,
in the pitch black of my room with nothing but myself, Music, and a computer. it's So peaceful when my mind stops to let me breath or I should say when I stop to let myself breath, and not feel other people's pain and woes. I truly think I was emphatic or something of that nature in a past life. It blows my mind how sometimes I never feel my own pain and yet I can  feel everyone else's pain around me. I ask god a lot if this what he wanted me to be like? I always felt such a strong pull to try to guide anyone I can to do good and I get made fun of sometimes and have lost some in trying to do so "I'm taken all the doctor's med's, I'm still freakin out" "Paranoid" By: "The Jonas Brothers" (it popped up on my Pandora okay) seems to sum up everything.

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