Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Light and Dark.

Music: "Demi Lovato" Song: "Fix A Heart/Skyscraper"

This blog has no subject today just writing for myself in hopes of healing.

Why am I still in this bad dream?

Shouldn't I have woken up by now? Why can't I? I don't need you anymore darkness! and yet you continue to haunt every move I make. And when I'm happy you can't bare to see the smile on my face so you take everything and spin it till no one would ever see the smile that just a few seconds ago was melting the ice you love to put in me. And every time it melts away it comes back colder then before. It's turned me pink, red, blue, purple, and lastly black. The funny thing is I still don't know why my heart is still beating?. It's bled out too many times to count. I thought I was rid of you. But it's just like you to make me think that right? I'm so tired. But something still keeps me awake so you can't take me away. I know this to be true.

This is for anyone going through depression. Inspired by my struggle and Demi Lovato
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  1. As a survivor of depression I just want to tell you that there isn't a "solution". At my darkest point all I realized was that I was tired of caring about it. In a way, I realized that the depression wasn't a lack of anything, it was an activity that I got used to doing and finally after coming so close to losing everything I realized that I was tired of it. Everyone gets sad but in the end you just need to find something to get you busy, something you love.

    Keep your head up, tomorrow is a coin-flip. Heads can't keep hiding under the coin. :-)