Thursday, September 8, 2011

School time.

Music: "Paramore" Songs: "My Heart" (live)/In The Mourning/Cover of: "Landslide"

Felt like talking my gibberish, feeling oddly down as I wait for some of my shows to come on in my room seeing as how our cable box is out for the umpteenth time *Angry face* Missing my friends that have all gone to college and are now doing wonderful things with their lives, I can't blame them. I was homeschooled and have set foot in a school two maybe three times in my life, so I missed out on the Proms, Dances, etc. And for the time being missing out on college as well, it's not really that I couldn't go to school but for a long time I've been scared of bullies and Being treated different, in the sense that people think I'm like a "China doll" meaning they act like if I fell I would brake something and  I couldn't handle the work load they would have to scale it back for me then they would others. And I don't like when people make spectacles out of me because they may think those things. Any of you Handi- Cappable feel the same? For me it's only because I've never known any other way to be I was "Born this way" if I may quote Lady GaGa. Well this turned out to be a weird blog post.

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P.S. thinking of going to school for fashion when I'm ready.

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