Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Music: "Vanessa Carlton" Song: "Annie"

For sisters, For Twins, For Jaimie.

Hi all, I'm at it again with my late night blogging, but this time with a subject! be proud.
The idea to write this blog popped in my head last night as I was laying in bed listening to my music trying
to sleep and the song I'm writing to now came on. This song for years ever sense I first heard it made
me think of my baby and twin sister Jaimie who passed about two months after we were born. And given
Our birthday is at the end of the month she's been on my mind, is it strange that I sometimes feel I see things
the way she would've through her eyes if she were here? I never had the wonderful blessing of growing up with her, so that made it hard growing up when my older sister and I would fight. I didn't have someone else to talk with that really understood, I had good friends yes, but there is something about being a twin. My Dad was also a twin but he passed when I was a baby, and when my dad would tell me about his brother there would be such a spark in his eyes. A lot like when I hear stories of Jamie and I that my older siblings tell me about her and I when we we're little, I heard one night when my big brother lived with my mom and I that the night our sister passed he had a dream that he got to see her grown up. To this day it is one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard him talk about. And it may seem strange that I miss her so strongly when she lived for such a short time, but with everyday I wish so badly she could live what I've lived. Other then photos and the stories of us I only know when we were babies we slept in a tight little ball. I still sleep that way.

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