Friday, November 25, 2011


Music: "Cold" "Aqualung & Lucy Schwartz" (Breaking Dawn Soundtrack)

"Run little girl for your dreams are what hang in the balance. Or is it your life you value more? For these are
things we cannot have both of. We give love to make life, but when do we find time to love life? Breathing just to breath one more time. Feeling to know we still can. Those who tell you they are not waiting to see something other then themselves lie, when secretly they so desperately hope to see someone they know looking back at them. And those who know they will, fear they won't. Fear is what drives the mind."

I was inspired tonight just sitting in bed on the 5th day of having an awful cold (So this might not make any sense? take what you will of it) to write what was coming into my head as soon as I put this song on and this is what came of it.

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Dazed And Confused

Music: "The Wreckers" "Leave the pieces"

Class is in session ladies and gents, sorry for my lack of "Real" writing the last few times I've
written. So many emotions are going on in me right now. I'm one who dose not deal with things well. And
when everything comes to ahead I tended to go off the grid for awhile, the term "Daddy issues"
we hear on TV or in film doesn't even describe the things my father and I go through. We've constantly gone between loving and being god awful to one another sense I was 13 (Yes most teens go though this) But add divorce into the mix it and it becomes 100% more chaotic. I'll spare you the gory details that have gone on the last few years and for the past week and a half or so but I wanted to say how it really makes you grow up a lot faster and makes you see how your friends and loved one's see you and vise vrsa. For one thing I love my brother John (who I wrote about a few months back) Very much! me being the baby of my family and a girl I get teased a lot and am not super close with my bothers but when one of them see's I need my brother I'm beyond grateful! So having talked with him about some of this is a big thing to me. I guess my point is tell your Mother and Father who are still together and those who are not but are still thinking of the kids thank you for still thinking of them.

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Madness in the light.

Just a small post to you tonight/today. It's a really trying time for me in my life right now and yet also a really magical time as well, being that two wonderful friends of mine married this past weekend and my sister and her boyfriend are also getting married one day :) But when it is either a very hard or wonderful time in any of my family live's along with myself I put this song on.....

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