Friday, November 25, 2011


Music: "Cold" "Aqualung & Lucy Schwartz" (Breaking Dawn Soundtrack)

"Run little girl for your dreams are what hang in the balance. Or is it your life you value more? For these are
things we cannot have both of. We give love to make life, but when do we find time to love life? Breathing just to breath one more time. Feeling to know we still can. Those who tell you they are not waiting to see something other then themselves lie, when secretly they so desperately hope to see someone they know looking back at them. And those who know they will, fear they won't. Fear is what drives the mind."

I was inspired tonight just sitting in bed on the 5th day of having an awful cold (So this might not make any sense? take what you will of it) to write what was coming into my head as soon as I put this song on and this is what came of it.

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