Monday, December 5, 2011


Music: "In The mourning" "Paramore"

"It takes all my strength not to dig you up from the ground in which you lay, The biggest part of me you were the greatest thing and now your just a memory to let go of"- Paramore.

Seemed like a good quote to start this post off this evening/Morning wherever you may be reading this, your take on this lyric/quote can be whatever you need at the at this time. Mine however is a whole messed load of things. So let me see if I can sift through my brain to write about one, letting go of someone's life struggles for one. Something I've said I think I feel a lot of in my life I've been sick for sometime with some sort of bug for awhile so I've had a lot more time to be in my head (Not always a good thing) so I've just been in this long period of feeling pretty mentally deep when in reality I am probably coming off as a complete weirdo. Even writing this I feel that way. well like I've said this helps me somewhat sort out the craziness in my life.

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