Monday, December 26, 2011

Something to deal with

I should be sleeping sense I have to be up at 8am  (Thanks mom) but my feelings say otherwise, what else is new? Lately I feel like the vibes of the universe are screaming "We're busy leave!" Had a one for the books "Teen Day" as a Gilmore Girl once said, I have these meltdowns about being Handi-Capable sometimes and one of those days happened today, Felt like a big baby/brat I can never tell anyone in the moment though that that's the reason why I get moody sometimes, for some odd reason it's humiliating to admit to just say the words "I hate that I can't walk" to my mom for the first real time. And it was really hard because I'm not as bad off as my sister was or any other kid that needs a little more help I've met in my life
but,  damn it! it's a hard thing sometimes. 

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