Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Thoughts, Feelings, Dreaming...

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"Childhood is the kingdom where nobody dies"

But there is a darker place where not everyone survives the things this dark land can do, and often this child dose not have a say as to when they will go to this land, They are pushed, Pulled, Hit, Kicked into this...They cry out for the love they felt in the land of children But sadly their cry's fall on deaf ears But you see this place lives solely for the chance to show us real pure love that can stand whatever may come. And that tainted love are the children that don't survive in my story....The ones who did have grown to be something more.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

In a world not to far from here....

Music: "Wherever you will go" By: Charlene Soraia.

 inspired story,

In my head there are many worlds not just one. Worlds that are Magical, Memorizing, Mind blowing. But also very dark, Scary, Forbidden. Where I'll end up changes every second of every day. One of my favorite worlds to be in when I'm alone (No matter how much my mind prefers the dark ones) is a vast beautiful meadow with the sun over head setting at just the right spot gold rays streak down over every spot, I just lay there looking at the sky change from shade to shade as it sets like I would when I was young. No pain, no feeling of being broken just me and my world I'm safe here. Nothing dare touch me. A place I can walk, Run, Skip, Laugh, Smile, I see it so clear when I'm alone I'm free happy twirling with legs that don't fail at keeping me still Everything is good I am happy here.....

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Wife.....

 For Jennifer & Mike....
 Music: "How they want me to be" Best Coast.

I've been thinking about how to put this blog into words sense the day/night My sister told me she was getting hitched, You see, I don't think she or my family thought that at 21 she would be marrying the man she met in the "Coffee Shop" (Not me) The first thing she ever said about this man? "Okay so, this guy came in the shop today kinda weird kinda cute....He works upstairs, we talked then he asked me if I wanted to touch his beard"....(Me: Ummmm....?) Her: I know!" Me: did you? (Knowing she would) "Yeah" I thought he was interesting from the beginning and knew she liked him right then (She's an easy reader like that) The next time I hear about "Coffee Guy" is one morning when I thought she would be really down BUT no, I come into her room to find her "Happy" music on and a HUGE smile on her face she could have blinded someone with it lol. She turned to me and said: "Okay so I have something to tell you" (Hate that) "I went out with Mike last night!" Me: "Okayyyy??" Her: I like him soooo much!!" Me: Yay! (That alone means something) So back to this evening, I could not be more pleased and happy about the way my big sister has become this Crazy, Loving, Tough, Strong, Woman. I love her with everything in me, and the day we talked about forever! is coming very soon...And to Mike I adore how you treat my sister, and family. Thank you for giving her true bliss.

Love you're little Sister.

Monday, April 30, 2012


Music: "Coming up strong" Karmin

Hello lovers! I haven't written due to me breaking my computer  (Not saying how other then I'm a klutz) so I'm using my Mom's computer for the time being, you know how on your computer you have everything saved to long in? I don't have that on here so it took awhile to log back on. Dear me, what can I say about my life right now? My step-father had a big cancer scare/We found out he had cancer a few months back long story short I guess you could say he's doing okay was baffling to tell you the truth even though we've faced cancer three other times in our family it still took the breath out of me mostly because I'm older now to know and feel what's going on. After that we resumed life as best we could with the birth of my Step-Nephew Nolan, my older sister's wedding shower this past Saturday it's now two months till she is married, and I finally found a dress (I think) lol I swear it will be much worse when it's my wedding! I'm OBSESSED with Pintrist. Think that's about it really, plan to write about my sister's wedding soon I know that much. Ah! and I'm a brunette again *Shocked Faces all around* That I have to say I did for my sister and mom for the wedding, it's not that I don't like it, it just reminds me of another life I don't really fit with anymore. Case and point I can't wait for my next crazy hair color!

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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lazy evening snow

Music: "Rosi Goaln" Song: "Think of me"

Ladies and Gentlepeople (Credit to Hayley Williams for that one)

I was inspired to write this little diddy this snowy evening here in Upstate NY out of nowhere so if it makes no sense thats why, I sit in my living room waiting for dinner to cool trying not to think about what may come of the next few months. But aside from those thoughts I have the latest book I read running though my head "The Goddess Test" By Amee Carter sooooooooo good well, if you like love with Greek Miths mixed in I happen to love both, I have to give credit to my mom when she gave me a book about Astrology for school and how each star had a story star's names, those stories lead me to the Greek's and they're views. My brain always seems to go to Hades and his love of Persephone I've read a few things and like many others see the story in my own way (Doesn't help that these books paint Hades as a sexy amazing guy) I fall all to willingly into "The Underworld" fantasies of mine. needless to say it's an amazing book. And I read another book that is just as good.  "Abandon" By Meg Cabot. she like myself love's the same Greek Gods and each of them have different but close base lines. I'm still blushing over my two Rulers of the "Underworld" Haha.....Pick up both books and they will soon have each a second book to come if your interested :)

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Late night mindless bliss....vol 2

Music: Rosi Golan Song: "Been a long day

Hello to the lonely lovers this winter evening, Just finished the movie "The Yellow Handkerchief" I don't quite know what it is about that little independent film I love so much? But I just find myself thinking thousands of little thoughts every time I watch it. It's just funny to me because I've watched maybe a handful of small movies no has seen in my life, and only liked two of them. I like this one and "Welcome To The Riley's" These two movies make me cry and smile and their not even that awesome, I relate to the main people I guess. They just need love, and truthfully I just want love from one parson in my life right now and just needed to tell you.

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Another life, Another love

Music: "Love song mix"
 For Mom & Bob,

 Well who would have thought I'd be writing about my Mother's second chance at love her wedding day, Not myself that's for sure. My mom's relationships played out kind of like a Lifetime movie (Give me some slack it's Saturday and nothings on) you'd see the moody younger kid hate anyone who wasn't who you knew with your mother well, That happened for a while, while my mother looked for "Mr. Right" and became a teenager again in the process sometimes good and others not so much. But that's over with now and for good reason. She has found love and happiness again all her kids and friends ever wanted for such an amazing woman like my mother, it's with a man with just as good of heart as her own. Bob is just as happy with my mother and our family (He better be ;)) As my mother and I go into a new life, A new home, and new adventure I know I will see love more clearly with them together....

To the bride and groom thank you for showing me there's hope in marriage.

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