Saturday, February 4, 2012

Another life, Another love

Music: "Love song mix"
 For Mom & Bob,

 Well who would have thought I'd be writing about my Mother's second chance at love her wedding day, Not myself that's for sure. My mom's relationships played out kind of like a Lifetime movie (Give me some slack it's Saturday and nothings on) you'd see the moody younger kid hate anyone who wasn't who you knew with your mother well, That happened for a while, while my mother looked for "Mr. Right" and became a teenager again in the process sometimes good and others not so much. But that's over with now and for good reason. She has found love and happiness again all her kids and friends ever wanted for such an amazing woman like my mother, it's with a man with just as good of heart as her own. Bob is just as happy with my mother and our family (He better be ;)) As my mother and I go into a new life, A new home, and new adventure I know I will see love more clearly with them together....

To the bride and groom thank you for showing me there's hope in marriage.

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  1. It's a tough gig. Looking for love is just an activity to distract you while love finds you. Of course, it's always more complicated than that but it's my experience that it was the stuff I did for myself that helped love find me; looking for love just kept me feeling like I had a hand in it (and I didn't).