Monday, April 30, 2012


Music: "Coming up strong" Karmin

Hello lovers! I haven't written due to me breaking my computer  (Not saying how other then I'm a klutz) so I'm using my Mom's computer for the time being, you know how on your computer you have everything saved to long in? I don't have that on here so it took awhile to log back on. Dear me, what can I say about my life right now? My step-father had a big cancer scare/We found out he had cancer a few months back long story short I guess you could say he's doing okay was baffling to tell you the truth even though we've faced cancer three other times in our family it still took the breath out of me mostly because I'm older now to know and feel what's going on. After that we resumed life as best we could with the birth of my Step-Nephew Nolan, my older sister's wedding shower this past Saturday it's now two months till she is married, and I finally found a dress (I think) lol I swear it will be much worse when it's my wedding! I'm OBSESSED with Pintrist. Think that's about it really, plan to write about my sister's wedding soon I know that much. Ah! and I'm a brunette again *Shocked Faces all around* That I have to say I did for my sister and mom for the wedding, it's not that I don't like it, it just reminds me of another life I don't really fit with anymore. Case and point I can't wait for my next crazy hair color!

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