Friday, June 15, 2012

Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Wife.....

 For Jennifer & Mike....
 Music: "How they want me to be" Best Coast.

I've been thinking about how to put this blog into words sense the day/night My sister told me she was getting hitched, You see, I don't think she or my family thought that at 21 she would be marrying the man she met in the "Coffee Shop" (Not me) The first thing she ever said about this man? "Okay so, this guy came in the shop today kinda weird kinda cute....He works upstairs, we talked then he asked me if I wanted to touch his beard"....(Me: Ummmm....?) Her: I know!" Me: did you? (Knowing she would) "Yeah" I thought he was interesting from the beginning and knew she liked him right then (She's an easy reader like that) The next time I hear about "Coffee Guy" is one morning when I thought she would be really down BUT no, I come into her room to find her "Happy" music on and a HUGE smile on her face she could have blinded someone with it lol. She turned to me and said: "Okay so I have something to tell you" (Hate that) "I went out with Mike last night!" Me: "Okayyyy??" Her: I like him soooo much!!" Me: Yay! (That alone means something) So back to this evening, I could not be more pleased and happy about the way my big sister has become this Crazy, Loving, Tough, Strong, Woman. I love her with everything in me, and the day we talked about forever! is coming very soon...And to Mike I adore how you treat my sister, and family. Thank you for giving her true bliss.

Love you're little Sister.

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