Thursday, July 5, 2012

In a world not to far from here....

Music: "Wherever you will go" By: Charlene Soraia.

 inspired story,

In my head there are many worlds not just one. Worlds that are Magical, Memorizing, Mind blowing. But also very dark, Scary, Forbidden. Where I'll end up changes every second of every day. One of my favorite worlds to be in when I'm alone (No matter how much my mind prefers the dark ones) is a vast beautiful meadow with the sun over head setting at just the right spot gold rays streak down over every spot, I just lay there looking at the sky change from shade to shade as it sets like I would when I was young. No pain, no feeling of being broken just me and my world I'm safe here. Nothing dare touch me. A place I can walk, Run, Skip, Laugh, Smile, I see it so clear when I'm alone I'm free happy twirling with legs that don't fail at keeping me still Everything is good I am happy here.....

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