Monday, February 11, 2013

A silly little thing called life

Music: "The Best Part" EP: Paul McDonald & Nikki Reed

I deiced to go through my old pre-blogging writing the other night and I found myself not hating what I thought and felt back then as much as I thought I might, You know that saying "Time heals all?" or "Over time things will change?" I haven't payed a lot of thought to sayings in my life, But reading my old thoughts from about 14-18 those seem fitting. I saw a lot more change in them than non at all....I'm a Pessimist through'n through  but I found I was a lot lighter then I am now. Crazy how life changes and how we change throughout it. I still have my sad moments I wrote about then just I see things clearer now...I give time to find truth in my thoughts or make myself step out of my head to see what go's on around me. I've come to terms with so much sense the time I started writing...But also know I have more to over come just like all the rest of us....

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