Friday, March 8, 2013

Write it all down...

Music: Rosi Golan. "Been a long day"

Hi There people of the world, I'm just writing things down to clear my mind. I'm feeling very worn down these past few days I've been in counseling for a few weeks now to deal with depression, it's weird to finally say "I have depression" I mean I've known I've had it for a long time now but until recently I've never really talked a lot about it to such a length that people are there to tell me I'm not "Crazy" and that it's a "Real" issue....I've felt a little better about getting help for it but more then anything I keep coming away from talking about my issues feeling empty and still unsure about a lot of things. I never thought I would be were I am today I say that with a happy yet sad heart....I don't think any of us wakes up saying "Stay in bed" "No one cares"  it's not really a self hate thing for me more of a body hate thing in my case....I look down and think "Why have legs if I can't do etc?" Again, I'm happy that I came to the point of saying I need help. But I'm a woman :) so it's hard for me not to wake up and just be "Cured" of it all. As they say "things will get better in time...."

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