Saturday, March 30, 2013


Music: Possibility By: Lykke Li
inspired post.

One day I'll see you and know I am not crazy to have wanted this for so long. That staying up till all hours of the night wasn't wasted on just silly needs. To feel like I'm free when you call for me. When you smile at how  you see the real me even when I don't.When words are not needed. When I hurt so much I think I'm dyeing and you pull me back. When I have something just for me. To know that you're scared too. When you see the scares from my inside out. When I hate life and you're still with me. I feel you looking for me. Do you feel me looking and waiting for you to find me? I hear whispers and wonder if you've found me? I look around and wonder if maybe thats you? if we're looking at one another? I feel you so strong it's maddening. I leave my window open hoping you'll wake me from my sleep and you'll sleep beside me. I'll wake to see your face wondering how we couldn't find one another for so long? No words will come from me just understanding.

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