Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Music: Paramore By: Paramore.

Hi everyone, Writing while I have a clear mind....Today I have had one of the most calm days I've had in a long time. When I say that I'm "calm"  I mean my head and depression are not screaming at me to feel worthless, I just sit and read Kindle, Watch TV, etc...But today despite not feeling grate my head (depression) decided to take a brake and in turn give me some much needed breathing room! I had a day like this two months ago where I just felt good...I still had the mundane type feelings but to be truthful I didn't want to sleep forever or harm myself. I tear up writing this because it's a struggle for me not to feel that way everyday. I'm not sure if maybe my meds are working or reading is helping me stay away from some of it? But I needed this so bad!! My last post I wrote was inspired by my sadness and fear and tonight I can write you and feel okay....Not to say I wont slip back to struggling tomorrow but that's what the word struggle means. But I could breath today so I am okay with struggling.

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