Saturday, May 18, 2013

if it's all been done what is left to do?...

Music "Happy" By: Hilary Duff

it's a funny thing depression, it never fails to surprise me when it hits all the raw scares I think are just starting to heal. I'm not sure if it's the pms writing this, The need to claw at My skin to feel free from it all, or that I've once again up'ed one of My meds? I was up till 2:30am mostly reading but some thinking My body was caving in around me...My heart pounding tears stinging My eyes I ended up calling My sister in law at 1:00 in the morning knowing she works herself dry these days knowing I should have kept My selfish needs out of her life I just needed so badly to hear her voice. Before I moved she was one of the only people truly opened up about My crazy thoughts My self harming thoughts....I felt a little better after talking with her. But I'm still reeling with crazy thoughts as I write this all out.  

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