Wednesday, August 14, 2013

It's been awhile.....

Music Paul McDonald & Nikki Reed "The Best Part EP"

I'm laying in my bed as I write this, the screen from my computer the only light to guide my fingers. I write books now. It's something that just happened. And I spend two days a week working out some of my demons. But I'm doing my best to stop running from them. It all kinda came to a head  over the weekend....May it be the new medications I was on or just the people I love seeing my demons as well, it will forever be a turning point in my life. I can't tell you that my demons wont catch up with me again and that when they do things wont be a little less messier then the last. I was scared. I was hurting. I was embarrassed (And still am). There's a lyric that fits with all those things "At least your feeling something" People saw my dark side when I was raw and wounded enough to not care anymore, I can't say I even do care right now. It's a long, long fight to the finish.

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