Thursday, August 29, 2013


Music: "Extra Ordinary" By: Lucy Hale 

Hello my night owls, I kind of have a subject for this post wohoo! for the moment I feel pretty damn good so I thought I'd write this down. The song I'm writing to came on my Spotify and I've been playing it for like an's an acoustic song and I gotta say those are my favorite types when it comes to songs, when a song is stripped down to just the lyrics is what music is all about for me. I love to sing as I've said before but I'm super shy with my voice...An old friend and I would sing together with my older sister while our friend played acoustic and I swear we could give Beyonce a run for her money lol. And I've sang for a number of close friends who say I have a nice voice but I'm still privet when it comes to singing...It's like talking about depression or CP, they don't know how raw it makes you to use your real god given voice. It's a part of our hearts and in the day and age hearts get broken every second of everyday. But when I'm alone to write or sing it becomes my world where there is no limits...I've written about what my world with no limits is like but there's something about when we use our voices for singing that is memorizing for me. It just makes things better.

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