Thursday, December 5, 2013

No sleep tonight

Music: "Skylar Grey" Coming home part 2

I should be sleeping sense it's almost two in the morning and I've been writing most of the evening, but what else is new? I started counselling in march of this year and I'm still asking myself if I've said the right things? I know there is no such thing as the "Right thing" when it comes to counselling, but I think if you've been through it you'll know what I mean. I finally got a tattoo I've wanted sense I was 13 of my twin sister's name (See old blog posts)...It was funny because after I got it done I drove by where she's buried and had the sense that she was happy I had gotten it. Not sure why I had the thought, but in any case it's a good feeling to look over and see my other half. It's my way of saying "I remember you" I guess. I'm more at peace with it oddly. I always say she's my angle looking over me but now I can see her.....

Okay, time for my late night rabble to end.

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