Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Being young

No music for this post sense this is really just a spontaneous need to write what I'm feeling, so without further a due I give you my thoughts. Lately I've been pushing myself to get my life moving and take my life (Finally) in my own hands, it's (Excuse my french) really fucking hard! I'm pushing to publish my first book and just start trying new things....I've always been really, really passionate about things when I set my sights on a project, so in the past/now what makes me fall into my deep dark hole that is depression was that things always fell through, may it be friends, family, etc...And something among other things I've been really stuck on is how I keep hearing or reading more and more celebrity's and how their starting to come forward with how they'be been or are struggling with self harm or eating disorders when they were younger and I guess this post is my thank you to them...Those who struggle NEED to speak up (When they're ready) about these type of things. I struggle every day not to give into my needs of self harm and just give up on it all so when I hear things like that it gives me strength. I am not a positive person despite what my smile shows, but I'm doing my damnedest to change that! learning to love yourself on the inside is a battle that I'm fighting my way through to win...

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