Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Love and pain. Pain and love....

Music: Cher Loyd, "Goodnight"

Pain and love go hand in hand, this I know to be true. But I wish I could say I know it's true that someone will love me....aside from my family love's always been a one sided deal for me, always me loving the person more then they love me, never the two of us on the same page. My heart is barely alive after losing you, but your the one who threw it back after it was given to you. Despite all of this, I'm going to give it to someone who will need it as if they have no heart of their own. Someone who thinks I'm beautiful every morning when we're laying in bed together. Someone who will make me feel so safe in their arms that all my worry's will fly away in the wind. Someone who will be proud to call me theirs. Someone who will chase me when I want to run. Someone who understands the darkness I've lived in, and how hard I fight it everyday. And finally, someone who will love me back.

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