Thursday, September 4, 2014


Music: Spotify mix

The title of this post says it all. I feel very "Untitled" at the moment. Three things come out of my online dating experience, I talk with a guy and begin to like them and then they stop talking to me. I receive rude messages. And finally, I "Date" them and they break me all over again....and each time it cuts deep enough to leave a new scar. Do these guys not see that I'm human? That they're words will stay with me whether they're good or bad? In the end I know it will shape me into a stronger woman, at least I hope it will. Right now though, I feel far from strong, I'm beaten and bruised. I cant even take a simple complement without second guessing it. This last one knew just what to say to make the knife just sharp enough. I expect to be hurt. I welcome the pain at this point. I am so drained.....but somehow my stupid heart doses't want to stop looking for the one who will mean what he says. 

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