Thursday, November 6, 2014


Music: "Flawed Roses book playlist" (Spotify)

"Though he's gone it's still hard to move on." Well, I've painted my nails black. Whether I just wanted to be "Chic" or I'm just in an off mood remains to be seen I guess. Choices. Their everywhere, right? What we do with them can make us or break us. Lately a good amount of my choices seem to be leaving me in the middle of the make or break part. I really haven't landed on either side. It's exhausting to be honest. I'm a "Black or white" kind of girl, as my Mom would say. I don't like just floating around waiting to see what outcome will define the path I take next. It's left me a nervous wreck, full of anxiety at every turn. Literally bouncing off the walls. My heart and thoughts race each other, desperate to see the finish line. I can't get a good grasp on myself, it's beyond frighting sometimes. I think it's time to go back "inside myself" as I say, and leave the world to figure out my place in it on it's own. My writing (hence this post) and books are calling to me right now, and it's about time I pick up....

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