Thursday, November 13, 2014

Six months wiser......

Music: "Clean" Taylor Swift, "1989"

Six months ago, my life blossomed. Six months ago I learned to fight for what I want. Six months ago someone saw me. Six months ago I felt what it was like to be a "teenager." Six months ago I learned what it was like to live. Six months ago you walked into my world. Six months ago you walked out of it. This is a post about a girl who, six months ago didn't understand what it really meant to feel. "Please. Don't flatter yourself, your not the only one this heart has ever felt." You branded my skin. Forever with me. But your ghost is less haunting now, only whispers are left for me to feel. I still revisit that night. And it still kills me inside. But when I fought, I felt free. It feels good to know that I did, somehow make you see what you were losing. If I saw you today, what would I say? Do you regret it? Did I burn your skin too? What was it worth to you? So many questions, but if I saw you today?.....I can say that I cloud walk past you without a second glance. I'm not the same girl as when you last saw me. Shes wiser now, understands what she wants.....and that isn't you.

"Ten months sober I must admit, just because your clean don't mean you don't miss it."

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