Thursday, January 8, 2015


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Hello night owls, the title of this post says it all I think. Today I saw a show called Living Different and the episode featured a model who's name is Rain Dove. She was so inspiring to me. She doesn't label herself as a lesbian or straight. She loves everyone. And to top it off is gorgeous :) It took me a long time to own who I am and what I have. It turns out if a friendship turns ugly something beautiful can come out if it. When I parted ways with a long time friend it taught me to fight for myself, for who I am. Over time in the friendship I felt small, worthless, but most of all tired. Tired from trying to keep something going that dimmed the light until it was just black nothingness. But when I realized what I wanted for myself the light was there again, I honestly thought I wouldn't make it through the pain and emptiness I felt when the friendship was seventeen years worth of laughter, fights, stories, tears, you name it we felt it and did it. I spent two years grieving....and to this day I miss the love we had for each other. But I had to fight for a life of my own. My point to all this is that, you should always strive to be YOU. Listen to what your heart, mind, body, whatever it may be that tells you to FIGHT. I have my moments, I mean that's why I started this blog, but I love who I am today. I understand myself as a person, as a woman, as a human. Life isn't easy, but learning to love yourself is kind of awesome ;) 

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  1. What a beautiful Post Jessie. Keep writing! And remember--- the experience of ANY emotion... sadness- anger- anguish are all miracles. Because to be able to feel at all is incredible. it means you are living, youa re caring, you are creating. Keep do it!